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    Coming Soon-ish for middle-grade readers! 

    In the meantime, a few hints:




    Take a geeky kid with an EpiPen, an ambition to win the state Word Bee championship, and an alter-ego as Souperkid, the local soup company’s mascot.

    Add one drum-playing best friend and three talented bullies.

    Place in a middle school for the arts.

    Fold in a hint of magic and several bad decisions.

    Season liberally with humor. Add a dramatic ambush, and blend well.

    Yield: a MG novel about image-making, the power and price of celebrity, bullying, and a spontaneous act of generosity that might be the best revenge ever.

    a bowl of word soup
    a wombat, the school mascot

    the school mascot: a wombat!

    How to make WORD SOUP



    a tiny kitten playing at a girl's feet
    a girl and her kitten





    Kit’s Cat is a story about second chances and how love for an abandoned kitten helps a girl heal from grief and weave a cat’s cradle of connections between the people, places, and creatures dear to her.

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